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Nursery Two

The Nursery Two program uses structure and academics to take your child's educational development to the next level. The ABEKA curriculum teaches your child learning methods and promotes a strong Christian faith. Children learn the importance of structure and academics through potty training, daily routine, and academic class time, while implementing faith and fun-filled projects every day.
Green potty on floor - Preschool in North Springfield, VA
Children's toy building blocks - Children's toy building blocks - Preschool in North Springfield, VA

Nursery Three

Our Nursery Three program promotes creativity, curiosity, and academic stimulation in your three-year-old while stimulating your child's mind to promote the vital development of comprehension, language, and thinking abilities. Through daily routine, the ABEKA curriculum and its consistent work teaches children the importance of structure and academics. The teachers implement fun letter projects to help with letter and word association and recognition, while exercising fine motor skills through cut-and-paste, tracing, and coloring projects.

Junior Kindergarten

The academic junior kindergarten program promotes fun learning while setting a firm academic foundation for your child as they move into kindergarten. Phonics, letter recognition, and handwriting lessons set the groundwork for your four-year-old's academic future. This program teaches students to achieve reading of one-vowel words, and introduces them to two-vowel words.
Alphabet building block toys - Children's toy building blocks - Preschool in North Springfield, VA