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Extracurricular Activities

Give your child the tools to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally by enrolling them at Springfield Academy or Spring ‘N' Dale Private School.

Year-Round Extracurricular Activities

At our school, we offer a number of year-round extracurricular activities. These include karate, dance, and music classes. Holiday programs are held throughout the school year. We have performances from our students at our graduation ceremony at the end of the school year.
Children saying their prayers - Extracurricular Activities in North Springfield, VA


Every Friday, every student attends a school-wide chapel, where they exercise their faith through song, dance, praise, and Bible studies. This allows every child in our program to better understand the importance of Jesus and Christianity.
teacher playing guitar for students - Extracurricular Activities in North Springfiel, VA

Music for Life

The Music for Life program teaches a class on music and movement, a piano or guitar class for children between two and four years old, a piano or guitar class for beginners, a piano continuing class, and a guitar continuing class. The continuing classes are for kindergarteners and older students. ... Read more
Little dancers - Extracurricular Activities in North Springfield, VA


Dance classes are available at Springfield Academy. Ballet is offered to twos and up. Classes are held weekly, and have a session-ending observation class for parents to attend, upon their child's completion of the class. At the end of the year, our dance students perform at graduation.
Group of children learning karate - Extracurricular Activities in North Springfiel, VA


The karate program we provide is run by WCRB Karate, and is held every Thursday afternoon.
The instructor teaches self-discipline, confidence, and concentration through the martial arts. Students are periodically tested to earn new belts, and at the end of the year students perform the skills they have learned at graduation. Read more
Children playing tug of war - Extracurricular Activities in North Springfiel, VA

Summer Activities

Each summer, our school offers a Summer Camp program with open enrollment. The camp includes weekly field trips and fun theme weeks. Swimming lessons are also available upon request.
Children playing sports - Extracurricular Activities in North Springfiel, VA

Jump Bunch

Jump bunch is an after school enrichment class that we offer to our students. It brings a new sport related activity to the school each week and allows the children to release energy, engage in team building activities, learn different sports and have a whole lot of fun!
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